Our Team

“The Future is Our Passion”


Robert Hull

MRN Co-Founder, General Contractor, Architectural, Engineering, DC Solar Power Distributor

Earl Kyle

MRN Board Member, Solar Ambassador to NASA

Kristel Porter

MRN Program Director, MRN Co-Founder, Environmental Justice Lobbyist, North Minneapolis Community "Earth" Activist

Sylvia Rodriguez

MRN Engagement Specialist, North Minneapolis Block Connector

Gayle Smaller

MRN Board Member, Executive Director of New Lens Youth Mentoring, NRRC Board Member, and Founder of Smaller Concepts

Dani Teitjen

MRN Board Member, Folwell Neighborhood Director, Writer. Speaker. Creator. Community Organizer. Traveler. Activist. Storyteller.

Analyah Schlaeger dos Santos

MRN Board Member, Environmental Justice Youth Program Coordinator, MN Interfaith Power & Light

Kiara "Raki" Williams

MRN Board Member and Engagement Specialist, Founder of Venus Raquel, Youth Empowerment Coach.