MRN Launches "Power North"

MN Renewable Now has partnered with Center For Energy and Environment to launch the Power North Program. MN Renewable Now will be engaging North Minneapolis Residents and Business owners who are located within the North Green Zone. They will be urging them to transition their Xcel Energy Bills (which are now powered by greenhouse gas emitting & coal and natural gas which are fossil fuels that happen to be huge contributors to climate change) to CLEAN Energy. They will do this by informing them of the options available to them through Xcel Energy such as ; Wind Source, Solar* Rewards Community, Renewable* Connect, Solar* Rewards for Residences, and Net Metering.

Power North Will focus on Wind Source for Renters and Home Owners, Renewable * Connect (since the waiting list is open), and Solar * Rewards Community (waiting this is closed while new solar gardens are being constructed).

They will be door knocking and presenting at Neighborhood Meetings that fall within the North Green Zones in October 2019 on renewable energy and in February 2020, they will come back again to tackle the community’s over consumption of energy issue by focusing on Energy Efficiency. They will communicate with residents about getting an energy audit and look at ways they can lower their energy use through switching light bulbs, replacing old appliances for Higher Efficiency one’s and so on.

Check out MRN’s Calendar and see when they will be presenting next!

Kristel Porter